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The fact that now The Doctor has gotten a bit older and they made such a big deal about him not being Clara’s boyfriend, they decided that Clara NEEDS a love interest.

Danny Pink seems like he will be a great character but come on, it was one of the things that…

That’s a really great point actually, good to see it like that. I think they put too much emphasis on it all last episode, especially when you look at how other companions have reacted to a regeneration.

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Today was great.

I, along with hundreds of other, took part in a World Record attempt for the most Sherlock’s in one place.

It took place in the gorgeous grounds of Temple Newsam in Leeds, there was a stage, bands, food, entertainment for kids and the theater group who I’d been to see a couple of weeks ago!

Everyone involved got a deerstalker, magnifying glass and pipe and there were some AMAZING cosplayers. Johns, Irenes, Mollys, even Sherlock in a bedsheet. Being part of a fandom is really lovely, there was a great moment on the bus getting there, to which only 2 people in there weren’t in Sherlock related dress, where no one knew which was the best stop to get off at. About 15 Sherlocks stood at the front of the bus all asking each other if anyone had been there before, we figured it out in the end!

Of course the record was smashed, tripled the previous effort! There were dogs dressed up, babies, whole families. And a really great surprise in the form of a video from Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue thanking everyone and explaining the charity cause behind it.

There are already news stories coming in, and we got told that we were being shown in China! 

Great photos and write ups here:—-world-record-4140344

(Don’t like the ‘weirdest record’ mention in one of them articles, to go along with the tv bit just now on Look North ‘you saw it here first’ in a sarcastic tone!)

I also took my ‘Wreck This Journal’ and left a little message on the train home with my twitter tag on the back, be interesting to see if anyone replies!

The money raised is going to help build a new Yorkshire Brain Research Centre, a great cause and one that effects a lot of people.

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