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Found my dad’s baptism entry in the baptism register at work today, and the entry underneath had the exact same name (and maiden name) of my mum! Meant to be!

Mum doesn’t have the most common name either, definitely not her, but a lovely coincidence!

Or in dad’s words “I knew she’d been stalking me for years.”

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Pejac (Spain) - Miniature Silhouettes and Optical Illusions

Spanish artist Pejac creates on his window miniature silhouettes in cut paper or acrylic paint. The window is then captured on camera, showing the riskiness and fragility of the art of tightrope. Over the past couple of years, Pejac has been getting recognition for his simple, clever public art and gallery work. Using brushes, pencils, acrylic paint and sand paper, he creates works that blend into their surroundings using existing elements and textures. Often socially and politically engaged, his works vary from small interventions to large mural-like pieces. (src. Hi-Fructose Magazine)

© All images courtesy of the artist

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Billy Elliot!

My theater adventures continue!

Billy Elliot the Musical was incredible.

One of the best productions I’ve seen so far. Live from London, I joined millions of people (again) all over the world to watch it. The talent they have is just amazing, the lead called Elliot, is only what 12? and can tap, sing, act, dance better than so many adults out there today!

And as it was a special occasion, ALL the Billy’s from the past 8 years (which is A LOT) came on stage to do a special performance, the eldest ones have grown into fine young men (i.e are really hot now).

Really funny too, would recommend to anyone. And my first ever musical! 


War Horse


Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night Time

Billy Elliot the Musical

Next up, Frankenstein! Again! And I hope it’s the reversed version this year with the Cumberbatch as the Creature yipee!

"Mr Braithwaite, The sun’ll come out tomorrow. Fat chance.”

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